Brace yourself Montreal! Are you ready for a major snowstorm?

Frankie Macdonald comes yet again with this epic weather alert for Montreal.

People in Montreal BE PREPARED! Haves your winter boots ready, have your winter rackets ready, order your pizzas and order your Chinese food. Buy cases of Pepsi and buy cases of Coke. Do your grocery shopping. Don’t wait til last minute. Have everything charged. DO IT RIGHT NOW!

This is What Google HQ in Montreal Look Like

These pictures of Google HQ in Montreal were taken by a student in Computer Science. Every year, Google invites third year students of this program on a trip to tour their office. Unfortunately, they were only allowed to take pictures in the lobby. Apparently, there is plenty of other cool stuff like two floors in the office and a rockclimbing wall connecting them. That’s pretty badass!


The floor is the streets of Montreal on Google maps. So much win.


I want this so bad in my room.


Skateboard chairs. Why? Why not.


Googling Google using Google’s wifi in Google’s office on an Android Phone.
Yo dawg!


Here is also a video that Google Montreal made if you want to take a closer look!

GTA Montreal

Montreal is the perfect city for GTA! Corruption, gangs, prostitutes, drug lords, bridges falling, food trucks, a big park, many airports, partially constructed highways and buildings, multiple towns with characteristic roads, bumps and jumps. Unlock the next metropolis and you could smoke crack with the mayor in Greater Toronto Area!